Off Plan property Developments and offers in the United Arab Emirates.

What do you understand about Off Plan Property?

Generally Off Plan property is a concept project in planned phase of construction development, otherwise project is developers proposed scope of work yet to start. However Off-Plan project designs, specification documents and plans are ready with the developers to initiate the process of tendering, negotiation and awarding project to contractor for construction.

Whom to approach for buying off plan property in the United Arab Emirates?

Property Developers usually offer offplan properties for buyers, usually property developers appoint Real Estate Agencies and Brokers to sell off-plan properties in Dubai and other Emirates. Real Estate Agencies work directly with developers and they announce NO brokers fee/NO commission and they advise and assist buyers for the documentation process to complete the purchase agreement.

What are Off Plan properties?

Off Plan Apartment Sale, Villas Sale, Townhouses, Luxury Apartment for sale, Luxury sea view apartment for sale and ongoing off-plan project or proposed project shall be offered to customers to buy homes for their family / business needs. Off-Plan properties for sale in Dubai become an investment for customers who buy off-plan apartments. Buying off plan properties need minimum investment initially for Residential and Commercial properties.

What are the advantages for Developers offering Off Plan Property in Dubai?

Developers sell offplan property before the project construction commencement, they are confident to move further for the construction as per planned. Usually developers offer down payment 5-10% (varies based on property and developers) from property buyers, so it will be an advantage for developers marketing strategy they can sell off-plan properties before construction starts.

What are the Advantages of buying off plan properties?

Buyers get better prices for off plan properties from Agencies and Developers, more offers from the developers, like DLD fee Waiver, ADM Fee Waiver, Service fee waiver facilities. However developers offer better price tags during off-plan project launch. Much comfortable payment plans from developers, mortgage lenders buyers have the opportunity to choose the property of their choice on launch day.

How off plan property investment is an asset for buyers?

Buyers pay for property in installment periods from 5-20 years, duration may vary based on property and developers. During off plan period property value goes up based on property trends in the United Arab Emirates. On project handover buyers can occupy the property or lease the property to generate revenue. Dubai off-plan properties rental revenue generates better return for investors, plan to buy offplan properties, search listed properties from property portal.

Find off Plan property for sale

New project off plan property for sale listed by property Agencies, Find Latest off-plan property Luxury apartments 1,2,3, 4 and 5 bedroom for sale. Choice of best off-plan Luxury property available to invest in Dubai and premium off-plan properties from developers for commercial office, shops are listed for buyer’s enquiry. Buyers can review off-plan property offers, property details, sizes, location features, property gallery, Amenities, Payment Plans. Agent advice for buyer’s off-plan property enquiry and assist for buying directly from developers. Off-plan property buyers usually pay 10-20% down payment initially and sign the purchase agreement with developers. Rest of the payment during construction, on -handover and post-handover payment % varies based on the developer's plan. Benefit of buying off-plan property is usually lower price mark and minimum down payment from trusted developers. Best off-plan property listing portal for agencies and developers, search listed Top off-plan property for sale in Dubai with an easy payment plan to invest or Buy to own a home.